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Give the Gift of Joy

Ever forgotten what people have given you for your birthday, wedding, graduation, house warming or that one very special occasion? (don’t worry, you’re not alone)

Maybe it’s a chocolate you’ve eaten..? Or, a flower that’s wilted..? Or, a gift you’ve misplaced it in some bottomless cupboard somewhere in the house? (Oops..)

Everyone of us are guilty of that.. at least once.. or is it just me??

Joy Succulents provide living potted succulents that someone will remember and treasure for a lifetime..! These customisable succulents are the newest hype in the market and are so pretty that no one would leave them in a cupboard.. and, as far as I know, I don’t think it’s edible too! So, no worries.. Your succulents will be safely placed on a kitchen bench, family area, balcony, window sill or office.. Or planted as a pretty addition to a garden..

Joy Succulents offers a variety of succulents that can be customised and tailored for different occasions. You can also add a card or note to personalise it even more.

Although it’s not a miracle plant, I have known it personally to have brought conversations together by checking out how the plant has been going.

Plus, I know you’ve been waiting to hear this…. It requires very little maintenance and care!

We are based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. :) 

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