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Graduation is an exciting time of the year. All your friends and family lined up to celebrate this unforgettable day in your life. It’s once in a life time for many.. And, definitely a day to remember.


Knowing this and having gone through the stages of receiving bouquets of flowers from friends and family, I know how important it is to have a bouquet that stands out. A bouquet that compliments the whole look and a bouquet that you wish, could have been kept for longer…Rather than seeing it wilt and eventually die.

So, at Joy Succulents, we make graduation bouquets and gifts that can be replanted after the event to keep it for longer. Without doing anything to the plants, they can survive up to 3 weeks; to keep it for longer, simply transplant them into a pot. And, instantly, you have a pot that can be used for home decoration or simply an addition to your garden.

If you have an event coming up, just send us a message and we can suggest some great gift ideasto you.

graduation gifts

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