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cafe & restaurant

Joy Succulents is a customisable succulent arrangement business that caters not only for individuals but also for cafe & restaurants.

As business owners, we understand how busy you are trying to maintain other aspects of your business. However, decorations in your cafe/ restaurant plays a major part in making your customers feel welcomed.


With so many cafes in Australia, the competition is very strong and to keep up, business owners like yourself will constantly have to think of new ways to attract and maintain customers.

Succulents are the new hype in Australia and people all over the world are going crazy over them.


Taking The Grounds Alexandria & Potting Shed as an example, they attract thousands of people every week just because of their unique approach to the market, and design of their restaurants.

The Potting Shed - Succulents in Cafes

The Potting Shed

Understanding that you already have enough on your plate, Joy Succulents provide you with the choice to either buy the succulent arrangements outright, or, buy the succulents and sign up for a maintenance contract with us.

Let us look after your plants for you while you look after your business.

We would love to hear from you if you any questions or ideas that we can help you with.

a few decoration ideas

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