Succulent Care for Beginners - 3 easy steps

To start caring for succulents, you need to be aware of the 3 most important things a succulent needs.

1. Sun

2. Water

3. Well Draining Soil

Today, we'll focus on the first one: Sun

1. Sun

It is important to first understand how much sun the succulent that you bought was getting. Were they getting morning sun, afternoon sun, full day sun, or just partial sun.

This is an important bit of information to take note on because if your succulent hasn't been getting lots of sun and you suddenly expose it to full sun, chances are, they will burn, turn brown and possibly die.

It's just like humans adapting to different temperatures and weather. Think of it that way. how would you feel if you went into burning hot sun after coming out from a cold office. *cringe*

If you are unsure, I always prefer to slowly expose my succulents to more and more sun each time. If you want to be on the safe side, you can always give them partial sun. As long as you give them some sun, possibility is that your succulents will live.

Without sufficient sun though, your succulents will sort of have stunted growth. It's almost like it's lacking the nutrients required for it to grow. Some of them will show signs of stretching. But, some, will just stay the same size for a long time. It wouldn't die overnight, but, it's not healthy for them.

In short, insufficient sun is better than too much sun.

I will continue the other 2 points in my next blog post.

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