How much Water is enough?

Water - the life of everything. The life of succulents too.

Hence, it is very important that your Succulents are watered correctly.

To make this easier for you, all our Succulent arrangements comes with a care instruction card just behind our Joy Succulents Logo. Along with a pipette to make watering easier.

The first thing to know about watering is to identify between under watered and over watered succulents.

Under-watering succulents

Under watered succulents look limp and dry. It is quite easy to pick as they look lifeless. When you touch the leaves, they are soft and don't hold much water. A confusion that most people have are, although succulents are in the same family as a cactus, they are not cacti. They do not have spines. So, the water in succulents evaporate as quickly as any other plant.

It is also important to note if the succulents are in direct sun, or indoors. If you are living in a dry or humid area.

The best way to check if your soil is wet or dry, is to stick a finger into the soil (if you don't want to get your hands dirty, use a bamboo skewer). If the soil is dry and your succulents appear limp, simply water it and it'll be a happy succulent again.

Over-watering succulents

Over-watering succulents are the most fatal of all. As, over-watered succulents rot very easily. To spot an over - watered succulent, you will see that the leaves of the succulents start to fall off for no reason. When it starts getting serious, you will also start to see blackening on the stem of your succulents. This usually starts at the bottom of the stem and slowly moves up the stem. When this happens, it is very important to remove the succulent from the soil, allow the roots to air. I would also recommend cutting off the head of the succulent above where the rot has formed.

Make sure to check that the cutting you've taken has no rot on it as rot can spread.

Try to check everything in the same pot / area that you have the rotted succulent as well as they might all be in danger of rot. If you think they've been sitting in wet soil for too long, simply remove them partially from the soil, so that the roots can breathe, then replant in a few days. Alternatively, you can replace the soil in the pot to a dry one.

Understanding that under watering succulents will not kill your plant as easily as over watering succulents are really important. As we try to care for our succulents, we should be aware that you don't want to "drown" them in your love.


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